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About Our Service

EZsave helps its clients to save money on their monthly and annual expenses.

This is achieved by using smart technology provided through the website and smart-phone application which are both available and easy to use for all customers.

All you need to do is send in your bank and bill details or just take a picture of your bill using your smart-phone or by sending us a digital file on your computer to upload to the website.


EZsave will find the package best suited to your needs and usage, give you an estimation on how much you can potentially save, and even make the savings for you by contacting your service providers.


Generally, all of the savings EZsave makes are valid for one year (12 months) unless stated to the client otherwise.


EZsave uses several sources to get the best prices for its customers: from the thousands of bills uploaded to its system by customers, from information available through service providers on the various tariffs they offer, from different deals that are not advertised to the public in a customer-friendly way and lastly, by using unique aggregated data from EZsave’s system on prices that it has already succeeded in securing for customers.


The bill analysis is conducted using smart algorithms allowing EZsave to conduct optimization for each individual customer providing them with the plan most suited to their needs at the best available price.

All of this is achieved with little effort on behalf of the customer.


EZsave does not charge customers for sending in their bills to receive the free estimation on their potential savings.

EZsave uses a win-win business model by which only when a customer saves money, will they be charged 35% (incl. tax) of the annual savings based on the one year plan that EZsave secures for them.

This model promises to serve and strengthen the interests between EZsave and its customers and ensures that EZsave will always act to achieve the highest savings possible for them.


The bottom line is that you have nothing to lose.

EZsave will save you money and you’ll only pay for it from your savings. Additionally, EZsave knows which deals to suggest for you at the end of your 12 month plan ensuring you always remain up to date and on the best available deal.

Save up to 60% on your monthly bills

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